Since childhood, we have all grown up listening to everyone say that the eldest child is the most reliable one and that kids without any siblings are more self-centred. Are these just stereotypes or do they really make sense? Turns out, your birth order does play a vital role in shaping your personality. Here we have some key character traits that you build because of your birth order. 

Take a look at some of the personality quirks influenced by your birth order:


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The firstborn child is likely to be ambitious and masterful. They try to dominate in order to fight for their parent’s attention once the younger siblings come. They are more responsible because they take care of the younger siblings and stand in for their parents regularly. Firstborns are pretty determined and won’t ask for much help to get things done. They are always willing to lead group discussions.

Middle borns

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Well, looks like the old saying about the middle ones being neglected is somehow true. Parents get preoccupied with the dominating eldest one and the needy youngest baby. The middle ones are left with their own toys and tend to be a lot more independent than the rest. They are the most rebellious ones in the entire family because they need to fight for their parent’s attention. This resolves when they become adults and find their own space in the world.

Youngest borns

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Often the youngest one in the family is the least responsible. They are pampered by their parents and are always the baby of the family. The youngest ones are given less responsibility but they receive more privileges. Compromising is simply not their thing. They find it hard to leave the family and stay independently because they always had someone else to do their work. They crave for attention and feel frustrated if their opinion is not counted. This frustration sometimes helps them to succeed because they feel the need to prove themselves.

Only children

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They are a mixture of the above three. They tend to get all the responsibilities of the first one, freedom of the second child and the attention of the youngest kid. Spending more time with parents makes them mature soon and they think more logically and rationally. They can easily live alone and take care of themselves. The only drawback of being an only child is that they find it difficult to socialize and compromise in group settings.

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