Amidst the everyday hustle and bustle, working women often find it hard to strike a balance between a highly demanding job and coping up to the expectations of a home that is always waiting to be taken care of. This young software professional from India, in a quest to discover her new self, ended up losing herself to the chaotic world around her. But she rediscovered her lost true self when she came across the ancient spiritual belief of Falun Dafa—eventually it became the foundation of her happier, healthier and righteous self.

Maitreyi Roy studying Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa. (Credit: Veeresh/NTD India)

Meet the vibrant and charming Maitreyi Roy, who hails from the city of Surat in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Being born to very caring and loving parents, she naturally picked up the quality of being kind and helpful to everyone around her. In an interview with NTD India, she shared in detail how Falun Dafa meditation helped her to excel in her personal and professional life by giving her the inner courage to overcome all limitations.

“Growing up, I admired my mother a lot. She was a very calm and compassionate person who managed the household chores with utmost perfection. But she was medically unfit, thus from an early age I started to help her in daily tasks,” said Maitreyi.

After completing her Masters of Science in Information Technology in the year 2010, Maitreyi took up a job as an assistant programmer at a company in Surat. She knew deep in her heart that coding wasn’t her true inner calling but managing people surely was. Due to her strong work ethics within two years she rose high to become a project manager at the same company.

(Credit: Veeresh/NTD India)

In June 2013, she got married to a software professional and moved to Bangalore, a city in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. But life was surely different now, as she took a break from her exciting professional life and dutifully played the role of a responsible wife and a humble daughter-in-law.

Maitreyi said, “It was good to stay home for a few months, but after a while it just seemed unacceptable. I was all alone, as my husband was at work. It was all the more hard for me as I came from an extroverted environment and was highly ambitious. I soon started craving to work and was looking for something to do. I believed I couldn’t live like this.”

Being constrained by the environment around her, Maitreyi decided to take chocolate and craft classes for people near her home. But she said, “Though I did find a solution to get back to work, this was only twice a week, and I was always looking for an opportunity to go out of the four walls of my house—whenever my husband travelled to different cities I accompanied him.”

(Credit: Veeresh/NTD India)

She said, “In October of 2013, when my husband visited Mt. Abu to help with an activity that hosted an event comprising of a crew of 130 members of the Tian Guo Marching Band (also known as the Divine Land Marching Band), I accompanied him too.”

Comprising of uniquely diverse members from different ethnicities and walks of life, the Tian Guo Marching Band spreads the powerful message of peace and harmony with each of their performances around the world.

“Every musician in the team practices the spiritual system of Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong), and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance inspires them to perform with the strength of their heart and moral character,” she said.

The Tian Guo Marching Band’s soulful performance enthralls audiences world over. (Credit:
(Credit: Falun Dafa Association of India)

“Witnessing their pure and rightful conduct, I was immediately drawn to practice the five exercises of Falun Dafa,” said Maitreyi with a serene smile.

Maitreyi said that prior to practicing Falun Dafa she was diagnosed with Thyroid, multiple deficiencies of calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin C, and her productivity was hampered. She slept for more than 8 hours each day and still was lethargic.

“But the first time I practiced the five exercises of Falun Dafa, I was immediately refreshed and felt so energetic that I slept only for 4-5 hours that day,” she recalled. “Not only did the practice become a source of high energy for me but I also gave up all the medications I was prescribed, as I didn’t need them anymore.”

Maiteryi Roy practicing the second exercise of Falun Dafa. (Credit: Veeresh/NTD India)

She further mentioned that Falun Dafa’s benefits did not just stop at the level of physical fitness. “The first time I read Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa, I just connected to it from within. I unknowingly got so many answers to such important questions in my life. The book soon started to guide each day of my life. For the first time in my life I realised how to hold these principles within myself internally and started to feel so light about the world around me,” Maitreyi said.

“Living by the three profound guiding principles of Falun Dafa, namely Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, I gradually rediscovered my true self and inner peace,” she added.

Maitreyi Roy with her husband. (Image courtesy of Maitreyi Roy)

Maitreyi said that despite all the immense benefits this peaceful meditation practice is being suppressed in China. “On July 20, 1999, the former leader of the Chinese communist regime, Jiang Zemin, put an illegal nationwide campaign of persecution against Falun Dafa in China. Since then, countless innocent people who practice Falun Dafa have been jailed and killed for their organs,” she said.

“The first time I heard about it, I just couldn’t believe it. Something so cruel and big was happening in one corner of the world, and I wasn’t even aware of it. Initially, I did not trust it, so I proceeded to do my own research and read a lot about it. But when I got to know the truth I teared up and felt very helpless of the situation—I knew I had to do something about it,” she added.

In spite of being so far away from this inhumane reality, her faithful heart decided to do its part close to home. She travelled across the country to places like Ahmedabad, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Nepal, Mangalore, Surat and Delhi to raise awareness of the ongoing persecution in China. She said, “Many people felt sorry and touched. Some even questioned and couldn’t believe such a good practice was being persecuted.”

Maitreyi Roy practices the fifth exercise of Falun Dafa. (Credit: Veeresh/NTD India)

Maitreyi believes that the transformation she has undergone in the last few years of her spiritual journey is nothing short of a miracle.

“I have now become a simpler and lighter person. I have started to enjoy the present and not think about what the future holds. In a world that is so fast-paced, I have found a path that has made me reconnect with my original and happy self,” she said.

Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) is a self-improvement meditation system based on the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. It was introduced to the public by Mr. Li Hongzhi in 1992 in China. Although it’s currently practiced by over 100 million people in 114 countries, this peaceful meditation system has been subject to brutal persecution in China since 1999. For more info, please visit: and


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