Climate change is real and this world is heading towards destruction with garbage swallowing the oceans and drinkable water becoming scarce. However, some changemakers are doing their bit to turn the tables and this duo from Bengaluru is heading a new wave!

Water scarcity has emerged as one of the biggest problems facing mankind and teens Garvita Gulhati and Pooja Tanawade are doing all they can to spread awareness about it. “We waste approximately 14 million litres of water every year, simply because we leave behind half-empty glasses at restaurants. It happens because we ask for water, take a sip or two and leave the rest. We can prevent this! Under the campaign ‘Why Waste?’ for two years, we visited multiple restaurants and realised how difficult it was to convince them,” Garvita wrote in a petition that has the support of 10,500 people today.

Though the girls were enthusiastic in their endeavour, the restaurants they approached were anything but that. However, they were not ready to give up. Soon with the help of their classmates, Why Waste? became a team that restaurants could not ignore.

“From where we started, it was challenging to get people to accept what we were doing and get their support and encouragement. We heard a lot of things like ‘why are you wasting your time with this?’ and ‘you should be studying for your exams’ because when it started, it was the peak of our school lives and we had college admissions and entrance exams coming up,” Garvita told The Better India.

The initiative grew rapidly and gained attention internationally. This year Garvita was the only one from India among 60 changemakers to receive the title of ‘Global Changemaker’.

Why Waste? has already collaborated with 30 restaurants in Bengaluru by giving them simple suggestions for saving water. Even a small change like switching to smaller glasses have helped tremendously!


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