If you can look past your inbuilt grossness towards bugs, you’ll see that these little creatures are full of mysterious beauty. So tiny and fragile and yet so completely capable of many things that we can only admire in awe. This is probably why they have become a source of inspiration to artistic people across the globe to create some of the most breathtakingly beautiful pieces of art.

Jewellery modelled like bugs are trending right now and you’ll soon find out their charm is irresistible!

This piece is straight down from history


These tiny pieces are so fragile and beautiful

The best kind of bug ? Crawling into the shop soon!

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Wouldn’t you love to wear that?


This is just too pretty


Their colours are the best to uplift any look


That pop of amethyst


To let your spirits fly with the wind


Give wings to your dreams


Reminder from springtime


Isn’t this stunning!



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