‘Know Your Child’ is a weekly space where our expert, Dr. Tazeen Siddiqui, answers your questions on parenting, education and anything related to children. Children are our future, a sensitive, compassionate approach can go a long way in making this world a better place to live. 

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Q-Should we start evaluating a child’s performance on Intelligent quotient alone or shift towards emotional quotient as well?

Before evaluation we need to understand the child’s strengths and weaknesses by exploring their ‘Multiple intelligences’ which is the child’s  ability to understand things. A child does this through different profile of intelligences like language, logical-mathematical analysis, spatial representation, musical thinking, the use of the body to solve problems or to make thing etc  through conceptual activities.

Every child is different in their thought process and approach towards every Concept of life. Once we explore ‘Multiple Intelligences’ of  children, they start to realize their great strength at a remarkable pace through conceptual activities and  start framing their thought process.

I would request every teacher to focus on the framework of conceptual learning through Innovative Methodologies to concepts. Adopting innovative methodologies caters to different learning abilities of a child as every young mind is a different kind of a learner. Evaluation doesn’t improve the quality of students learning! Innovative Methodologies to conceptual learning, ignite innovative approach in children as it  brings the real quality learning. We must redesign evaluation process of question and answers into assignments and projects at all concepts from academics to life skills.

Q-How to make a child innovative?

Every child explores, adopts and enhances  his strengths when exposed to the right environment and freedom of thinking–beyond the boundaries of reading and writing, Channelize thoughts and energy’s into creativity by introducing them to Integrated concept learning projects and assignments on the concepts of their choice as when we introduce a word “choice” it helps a child explore his passion  and study it deeply  to bring something innovative and creative out of his great thoughts and learning. At home parents are requested to let the child play with water, dough etc as may be for us it may look normal or yet another game that messes up the place but if we understand through child’s eyes and mind, it’s the wonder, an innovation for his unique thoughts.

“Better let the child mess up the place, it’s better than messing up his thoughts!”

“Innovation is the art of learning that ignites passion for impeccable creativity, with rising in excellence and winning visions.”

The above questions were asked by educationist and parents from Dhanbad, Gujarat and Hyderabad respectively. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to mail Dr. Tazeen Siddiqui at [email protected]

 Dr. Tazeem Siddiqui, an educationist and trainer is heading a global forum of over 300 educators. Her paper ‘Multiple Intelligences 54’ was presented at Harvard University. Siddiqui’s paper ‘Typing fingers vs Writing fingers’ is selected at Oxford Women Leadership Symposium. The paper explains the impact of excessive use of gadgets on the writing and behaviour of a child.


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