If you want to make anything more fascinating just make it bigger! A normal sized burger might not pique your fancy but make it 10 times bigger and you’ll find your senses drawn to it instantly. We don’t have any scientific research to back it up, but bigger might just be better! We want big houses to live in, big cars to drive and even big beds to sleep in.

So here are 10 images that satiate this fascination with ‘huge’ and celebrate the largest things that have graced the planet!

Sequoia trees make human beings look as small as insects!

Credit: Facebook | Frank Evans

Each vertebra of the 58 metres long Amphicoecilia measured around 2.5 metres!

Credit: Facebook | Science Channel


Jackfruits are the largest fruits to grow on trees!

Credit: Pixabay


World’s largest flower Rafflesia smells like rotting flesh

Credit: Facebook | Flower Of Life


Armillaria ostoyae or ‘the humongous fungus’ is one the largest living organisms on Earth

Credit: Facebook | Salai Van Sui San

Largest anthropods, merostomes existed 250-500 million years ago

Credit: Facebook | GISAP

12 metres long, the Sarcosuchus was modern day alligator’s bigger and hungrier ancestor!

Credit: Facebook | Prehistoric Life

It measured 4.5 metres tall when the Ice Age carnivore, Short-faced, stood up on its hind legs

Credit: Facebook | Clarence Dickenson


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