Many of us have new year resolutions! Similarly, Eden SanBoeuf had one too. She decided to begin her weight loss journey. Most of the resolution just end after the first week, only some can actually make it to the end. Well, about Eden, let’s take a look at how far she made it possible.

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Eden was tired of being sick all the time and her excess weight was not letting her live a happy life. That’s when she thought she needs a major change in her lifestyle.

According to Inspire more, she said,“I was only 25 and my body was falling apart. I always felt sick, exhausted, and even doing small tasks were so hard for me to do. It was not only the physical challenges but mentally I had become a very negative person. When I got my wedding photos back, I saw how heavy I was in them. That was a huge wake-up call. I was not supposed to be at my biggest I have ever been on my wedding day, but that is exactly what had happened.

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Eden wanted to continue the fitness regime but she was then hit by a tragic news. She and her husband were waiting for their first child and that’s when doctors told them the child had anencephaly, “a condition where the skull and brain do not fully form.”

It was her take after losing her baby whether to continue working on her fitness. According to InspireMore, this was her thoughts on it, “I decided I would continue my healthy lifestyle. Not only would I continue but I would live my life for Wyatt. I would enjoy everything to the best of my abilities for him and I would help others who were struggling in life.“

Credit: Facebook

Eden continued her way to lose weight and the couple got a great news. She was pregnant again and was able to welcome their newborn, Joseph William. She managed to work hard and from being obese she became a super fit mum.




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