Every so often I wonder how well my dogs can understand me. Do they know how I’m feeling? Do they understand when I’m sick, or sad, or scared?


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I usually come to the conclusion that they do understand my feelings and often react accordingly. A female tiger at a zoo in Indiana just supported my theory even further.

When Indiana woman Brittany Smith-Osborne visited the Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana, with her friends, she expected a pretty regular day at the zoo — fun, but nothing unbelievable. But when they got to the tiger enclosure, their day became a touching and memorable story.

According to FOX 26 Houston, Brittany was visiting the zoo with her friend Natasha, who was 27 weeks into her pregnancy.

Natasha was excited to see that a female tiger was hanging out so close to the glass, so she got up close to get a selfie with the impressive cat. The tiger pawed at the glass and played with Natasha, seemingly very excited to meet her.

The tiger was so fun to interact with that Brittany filmed Natasha’s escapades, which allowed her to capture something truly beautiful — the moment the tiger noticed Natasha’s pregnancy.

In the video below you can see the incredible moment the female tiger understands that there’s a baby in Natasha’s belly, and her friends’ amazed reactions.

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