There is a constant effort that a woman puts, to look younger than her real age. Honestly, nobody likes to age but it is something that’s not in our control completely. You might visit beauticians, doctors and live life in the healthiest way possible but still, there are different ways to spot whether a woman is ageing or not. Compiled below is a list of parts of the body that reveal your ageing patterns.

Take a look at these 7 ways to find if a woman is older than she looks:

1. Earlobe

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With age, earlobes deform, particularly if the woman wore heavy earrings at a young age. Now, due to the difference, the total appearance loses freshness and looks dull.

2. Upper Lip region

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It is the space between the upper lips and nose. At a young age, it is very flexible and clear but over the time, it disappears and becomes flat.

3. Flat forehead

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Wrinkles on the forehead is another sign but it can be removed with the help of fillers and botox. With age, this procedure cause loss in volume and makes your forehead look too flat.

4. Eyebrow ridges

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 With age, your eyebrows start to crawl over the eyes. Your entire facial expression becomes sadder and gloomy. 

5. Neck

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Neck region is one of the easiest places to spot the ageing. The skin will lose essential layers of fat. It becomes very thin and saggy.

6. Hands

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Hands can actually reveal that you are ageing. It creates a contrast to the young-looking face. With age, the veins become more visible and skin ruffles faster than it does on the face.

7. Face angle

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The jaws lose its angle and double chin starts to appear.

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