What does a bear do after being out all night in heavy storms that probably disturbed his slumber? Well, in this case, he finds a nice comfy porch to catch up on some snooze time!

When Warren Woodard arrived home in Longwood, Florida, his wife pointed towards the garage. “Come here a minute. There’s a big bear layin’ at the door, sleeping,” Woodard told CBS affiliate WKMG-TV. With disbelief, Warren followed his wife, and he saw it for himself.

“He was laying there,” Woodard said. “[It] looked like he was asleep.”

Woodard said that there had been some heavy rain and storms during the previous night.

“I think the bear had got caught up in it, and here’s a nice dry place,” he said. “I guess if the door wasn’t there, he probably would have gone in the house.”

Lucky for them he didn’t, as bears have been known to break into houses and go on a rampage as the owners hide themselves safely behind locked doors.

The Florida homeowners were scared and called the police for help, but when the community police arrived, the man was just as scared.

“A community police arrived first, that guy wouldn’t come in the driveway,” Warren laughingly said.

Well, it’s a “normal” reaction when encountering a 6- to 7-foot-long wild bear—whether asleep or awake. A backup police car was soon on the scene, and the cop warned “Look out!”

“He ran right toward me. So I ran back around and into the garage,” Woodard said. “If I had walked around that corner, and the car was parked here and seen that bear laying there, it might have had me at the hospital,” he added.

Luckily, the beast woke up to a loud noise and just ran away.

Watch the encounter with the bear on the video below:


Photo Credits: Video Screenshot | WKMG-TV.

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