The moment you realise you’re pregnant can be an exciting and thrilling time! It’s even more fun when you have to break the news to your partner who is completely unaware. Moreover, it has now become a trend to let your spouse find out in a creative way that he is going to be a father. 

Credit: Facebook | Audrey Rose

It was just another flight for Audrey Rose and her husband David but things suddenly changed when the day before Audrey discovered she was pregnant, again!

The couple lives in Tampa with their little girl Ava. However, when Audrey discovered she was pregnant, she had to be sure the news was absolutely correct. So she took two more pregnancy just to be sure.

Audrey must have surely gone through hundreds if not thousands of videos online for ideas of creative announcements. However, the last minute news about her pregnancy led to an unusual way for her husband to find out.

Credit: Facebook | Audrey Rose

As the Tampa couple boarded their flight, Audrey surreptitiously handed a note to one of the flight attendants. As she said later when she told what happened next, “I think I got him pretty good.”

“I have a BIG favour to ask,” the note to the flight crew read. “I just found out that I’m pregnant…. I was hoping you could announce it before takeoff.”

Credit: Facebook | Audrey Rose

David was staring at his iPad when the pilot announced in the video “David and Audrey Rose apparently have smuggled an extra passenger on board today,”

David looked up, perplexed. His wife sat next to him, recording his reactions on video.

“Audrey has recently discovered that she is with child,” the pilot continued. “What?” David said in shock.

The family is definitely excited for the new member coming into their lives. Here is a small video of how Audrey broke her announcement to her husband.

I’ve been wanting to share this video for so long! This time around I really wanted to surprise David with the news of our new baby. I think I got him pretty good😁✈️🤰🏻

Posted by Audrey Rose on Thursday, January 11, 2018



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