The emphasis given to education is now more than ever. However, even today parents are compelled to force their children out of schools due to financial problems. This school principal from Gujarat had seen the issue up-close when he decided to take the matter in his own hands. 

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Gopalkrishna Patel, the principal of Nava Nadisar Primary School in Godhra, has taken a unique approach to tackle the issue. Each week Patel holds outdoor assemblies in various neighbourhoods of Godhra village.

“Once a week, we go to a neighbourhood in the village with the school students and hold an assembly there. The assembly is an open event and the residents of the locality, as well as parents of children, can come and witness,” he told The Times of India.

The Mohalla Prarthana Sabha, as Patel calls it, was initiated five years ago. The open assembly system ensures that children and elders who have dropped out of school take part in it. This plan has seen 30-35 students join school since its inception.

“Our approach is that of first understanding the students and then teaching them,” Patel told. It is his dedication and concern that has turned this idea into a success story.


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