The way we decorate our homes says a lot about ourselves. Home is where the heart is but what does it say exactly, it’s quite hard to know. We think that our decor is signifying something but it gives a completely different feeling to people around you or the ones who visit your home. Here we have a list of home decors that reveals the specific personality of the individual. 

Take a look at this analysis:

1. Diplomas and awards

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Being proud of your own achievements is not a bad thing, If you have your diplomas and awards framed, your intellect might be what you value. This shows you are ambitious and value your success.

2. Plants

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 Plants indicate a lively personality, of someone who is caring and kind.

3. Nostalgic Items

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If your home is filled with pictures and memorabilia then you are holding onto the emotions that are associated with the item, whatever it was.

4. Clutter

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People who have a cluttered or messy home tend to procrastinate and are more frazzled than those who are well organized.

5. Art and Books

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If you have a lot of art, books and other cultural items signify that you are an open person who is willing to try new things.

6. Tidy Space

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It means you are an extremely conscientious. You plan out all your activities and always want to have control over a situation.


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