Veterans are our nations heroes – no civilian will be able to remotely understand what they went through no matter how they say it. When they come back home, it is important for them to come back to appreciation and not judgment, to be taken care of as they took care of us. The reason why is because the sacrifices they make including leaving their families is something all of us should acknowledge. Seeing them happy, even if it is a small thing – is a beautiful deed.

Credit: Pixabay

This blind veteran recently lost his sister and his family decided to treat him to breakfast in order to bring a smile on his face. It wasn’t the breakfast that brought him to happy tears though; it was a person who he hasn’t seen for a while.

During the family gathering, the veteran’s grandson was not there as he moved to Florida from Wisconsin. Although, they do talk on the phone every day, it is completely different when you see someone you miss in person.

This dedicated grandson traveled far from across the degree to surprise his grandfather. Dressing up like a waiter, convincingly, might we add, he couldn’t get his grandfather to recognize him. Being legally blind the veteran was told who it was and was immediately moved to tears!

Watch this reunion and try holding back tears!


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