On July 20th, it will be the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. This throwback video to the 60’s is a reminder of all that we’ve accomplished in the past, and also a reminder of all that we’ve failed to accomplish since.


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July 20th, 1969 was an incredible day in history for America, and for the world. It was the day Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon.

But since then, nearly a half a century has passed, and we have not been able to return. Why might you ask? Just watch this video. These rocket scientists’ feet are pressed up against a Saturn V rocket, and they are literally PUSHING the rocket with their bodies. It took three of them pushing at the base, and a small crew on top, but they were rocking the entire body of the rocket to perform a “shake test” that would confirm its readiness for launch.

It almost seems silly how simple and straightforward their procedure is, but even though it looked ridiculous, it did the trick. That was the way even the most advanced technology was built back in the old days, devised by the smartest people, and those simple methods brought us to the moon.

Fast forward to today. We have super advanced computers that fit in our pockets, “smartphones,” each one with hundreds of times the power of the computers fitted in the Apollo 11 landing module. We’ve replaced hundreds and thousands of workers with robots to build for us. We even have computer software that keeps track of our friends online (Facebook), and yet we still have not returned to the frontier of space.

We’ve spent so much of our young people’s innovation and effort complicating and overcomplicating our lives. There was never a time when I dreamt of software to keep track of my friends online. My truest friends I always kept track of in my heart. There was never a time I dreamt of having a computer in my pocket. When I was away from my desk I was away to spend it with people, not my work. But there was a time when we all have dreamt of mankind exploring the universe, and it has been so long I think the world has forgotten that dream.

I’m sharing this video with you all to remember days long past, to honour what we’ve accomplished together, and to hopefully inspire us to reach higher in the future. Please share this message of reflection and hope with your friends and family!

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