Pumpkins are a wonderful fruit! Be it Cinderella’s magical cart or the Halloween traditions, these gourds have been popular for quite some time now. In fact, their popularity has reached to an extent that an entire festival is dedicated to the fruit where people compete to grow the biggest pumpkin!

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The Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival in America boasts of humongous pumpkins grown by the participants. Every year, the heaviest one bags the winning prize.

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This year Washington’s Joel Holland, a retired firefighter from Washington was the winner. But in doing so he created a national record! The winning pumpkin which weighed a whopping 2,363 pound (1,071 kg).

Credit: Instagram

The award-winning pumpkin is also the second heaviest in the world. Holland took home a prize money of 16,541 dollars (10,76,570 rupees), seven dollars per pound.

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