In an age where people constantly take advantage of the helplessness of others, this man has given a ray of hope to an elderly man’s family with his selfless deed.

Dhanna Ram, 75, a mentally challenged man from Sirohi district, Nitoda village belonging to the Bheel community went missing in 2006. He had taken his goats to graze in the village one day when he lost his livestock. Ram was stuck in heavy rains and lost his way.

Sirohi district, Rajasthan.
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Until 2011, Dhanna Ram was assumed to be dead. But one day, he was found by kindhearted Laxman Garwah, 27,  from Dayapur village in the Kutch of Gujarat, who took the old man under his care.

For seven years Laxman Garwah looked after Dhanna Ram, who suddenly fell ill in the month of May. After a period of seven years he suddenly remembered his village’s name and said he wanted to go back to his family. With great effort, Garwah finally found a video of the village on YouTube and contacted the Photographer. The photographer knew Dhanna’s family and Laxman contacted them through a video call. They immediately recognized Dhanna.

According to Times of India, the entire village of Dayapur collected money for transport to send Dhanna back to his village. Around 200 villagers from Nitoda gathered to welcome Dhanna. It was a joyous moment for Dhanna’s family. Dayapur villagers also gave a sum of Rs. 20,000 to Dhanna’s family in the presence of the village sarpanch.

To the family who had assumed that Dhanna was dead, it was a great relief to see him back after 12 years. One man’s act of kindness changed the fate of the other.

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