Size does matter for this English gentleman who is seen showcasing his giant cabbage below. This is not your average cabbage you’ll find in the produce section, and not everyone could easily lift such a bulky vegetable.

Within eight months, Graham Tranter grew himself a 70lb (30kg) giant cabbage, which is a whopping 50 times heavier than your average cabbage. “I entered it in the East of England Show at Peterborough last week,” said Graham. “Sadly, it came second to one which was about 4lbs heavier. I think I’m going to divide it up and share it out among friends. It will make a lot of cabbage soup.”

Indeed it will make great soup, one could make a couple hundred servings of soup with that mega cabbage. “It will be very tasty but a bit stronger than normal cabbages,” said Graham.

Graham is a keen gardener and had previously earned himself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for growing 488 tomatoes on a single truss.

Credit: WorldMostAmazingRecords


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