A cup of tea can give you a perfect start and a relaxing end to the day. This humble tumbler of leaf-potion has been one of the most popular beverages in India. Though most have tried to reinvent the drink in terms of flavours, this eatery in Kerala has changed the way it is served!

Credit: Twitter

A cuppa at ‘The Chappati Factory in Ponnani’, in Kerala might come in an ordinary glass tumbler but the way it is served will leave you in awe.

Credit: Twitter

A 40-second clip shared by a Twitter user has left netizens agape. The clip shows three glasses with the unmixed tea liquor and milk.  The server then picks a tumbler and swings it in his hand, mixing the chai concoction without a single drop falling on the ground and keeping the thick collar of froth deliciously intact.

The video instantly went viral with almost 17,000 shares and over 9,30,000 views. Many netizens, like the one below, tried to find a scientific reason for it.

While some found a new way to order tea

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