We are witnesses to the technological domination this world faces and this wave hasn’t missed the rural parts of India. A 41-year-old teacher from Sangli, Maharashtra responsible for giving his students knowledge in its best form, is harnessing the digital revolution using QR codes to assist his students to learn at home. 

Ajay Kale along with his students holding the recently developed QR codes. Credit: Facebook

Most children these days are ‘tech-savvy’ and know how to explore the internet. Keeping this in mind Ajay Kale, a teacher at Dahiwadi Zilla Parishad School, started developing QR codes for textbooks, which when scanned by students would lead them to additional information in the form of pictures and videos.

In his pilot project, he developed codes for class 6 mathematics textbook, placing them on certain pages. The students would then scan these codes using their phones or other devices and get access to other additional information on the topic.

“Many students do not understand certain concepts and mathematical problems in one go. Such students can revisit what is taught in class by simply scanning the code and watching the videos,” Kale said in an interview with the Hindustan Times

This new concept has been a success with his students who are now more engaged in class. However, that’s not all, Kale also teaches his students how to develop codes.

“Now, we have started developing codes, too. Our teacher taught us how to make them when we were in Class 6. A lot of research is involved before preparing each video,” Gauri Bhisale, a student of his in seventh grade told Pune Mirror.

The QR codes embedded in the textbook can be scanned for additional information

Credit: Facebook

Not only do his students have access to innovative student-friendly learning methodologies, but they have also become responsible and as they carry forward his project. “I have taught students how to make QR codes. Every year one batch makes the codes for their class which the upcoming batches can then use,” he added.

This creative teacher has also received an award from the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) for Innovative Learning.

Ajay Kale being honoured by members of NCERT

Credit: Facebook.

A pioneer in his own right, Ajay Kale’s contribution to the field of pedagogy might bring a sea of change in teaching methods. After the success of his pilot project, he is expected to submit the complete project to NCERT by March 2019.


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