Mehul Mehta’s son Maanav adviced his father to install Solar powered generators to all the four bungalows owned by them in Madh Island, Mumbai. After the installation, the Mehta’s saved 34% of electricity costs of all four bungalows.

Credit: Twitter. (left) Maanav, (right) Mehul Mehta and family

Maanav was first exposed to solar energy when he was given a solar powered toy by his father. His interest grew, even more, when he was exposed to the benefits of renewable energy at Jamnabai Narsee School. After this, he requested his father to install Solar powered generators to all the four bungalows. Maanav even calculated how this one-time installment with a lifetime use could avoid carbon dioxide emissions by 646 tonnes which is equivalent to planting over 1,033 teak trees.

Mehul Mehta with skepticism installed solar panels at the cost of Rs 18 lakhs in 2017. Mehul told The Better India that completely dependent on solar power for the most part of the year, barring the monsoons, the family managed to saved more than ₹4 lakh on electricity bills last year. While the Mehtas live in one of these bungalows, the other three are rented for events and film shoots. They have installed over 80 solar panels with a total combined capacity of 26-kilowatt power (kWp). This output sufficiently covers all of the four homes’ electricity requirements. Even the roads connecting these bungalows are lit by solar-powered lamps.

Credit: Pixabay. Representational image

While the solar grid generates a maximum of 35 units of electricity per day on a sunny day, it generates 14 units on a cloudy day. In a city like Mumbai, a 2BHK apartment consumes about 10-12 units of electricity per day reported The Better India. The Mehta’s were also able to get ₹5 lakh from the Maharashtra state government.

In a message to families who want to make the switch to the clean and renewable energy, Mehul says, “Do not hesitate. The effort and initial costs are worth the money you will save in the long run while also contributing to greening the planet.”

Kids like Maanav are always inspiring and push everybody else to do better and think about the future of the planet and humankind.


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