Most of us who live in the West have enjoyed fine Chinese food at some time in our lives. In contrast, the food industry in China, which has been devastated by the Chinese Communist Party, can lay claim to producing some of the worst toxic and fake foods, which are then fed to their own people, often with dire consequences. Foods can be seen from synthetic eggs to fake shrimp that sizzle in the wok. While food fraud is likely to always exist, technology may find ways to detect it, but the crooked fraudsters in the world will also develop new ways to remain undetected.

Many of these products are also exported, so you need to be on the lookout.

The food industry in China is a minefield, from baby formula laced with melamine, cooking oil recycled from the gutters and sewers, rat meat masquerading as lamb, and countless other culinary “sins” waiting to be exposed.

Chinese people have become the victims of numerous stomach-churning food scandals that are not only disgraceful, but are downright dangerous.

China is the largest producer and consumer of food in the world. The Chinese regime constantly makes promises to be open with the public regarding food scandals, but greed and corruption has led to failure to keep the public informed. People are tired of being fed lies.

Where does that leave the Western consumer? Be wary of any imported foods from China—it’s best to avoid them as much as possible.

Here’s a short list of some fake foods made in China. There are many more.

Fake eggs

This is enough to make chickens go on strike! Artificial eggs that look surprisingly real are being produced in China. People buy them because of the cheap price, but when cooked, the eggs are rubbery and can even bounce! It costs around 2 cents to make 10 of these “eggs.”

Even chicken poop can be added on the outside shell to add to the illusion.

Eating these “eggs” can cause memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease.

Plastic rice

Fake rice is made in China by mixing an industrial synthetic resin with potato. Consuming this blend can cause stomach problems, and even result in fatalities.

It’s been said eating three bowls of this fake rice amounts to eating one plastic bag.

Try dropping some of the “rice” into boiling oil, see if it dissolves. Or put a lighted match to the rice, can you smell burning plastic?

Fake mutton

Fox, rat, and mink have been found to be treated with gelatin, carmine, and nitrate, with extra spices added, then passed off as mutton.

A few years ago, almost 1,000 people were arrested for “meat-related offenses” over a period of three months. More than 20 tons of tainted meat were confiscated at the time.

Who knows how many scoundrels have escaped detection?

Gel-injected shrimp

The use of gel to make shrimp weigh more, and thus increase profit, has been going on in China for years.

While some of the gel has been found to be harmless, other gels used are industrial types, and are used for printing and furniture. They can be carcinogenic, containing many heavy metals including lead and mercury. Hardly something you want to be feeding your family.

Around $150 million worth of shrimp was imported to the United States from China between January and October 2015, according to data by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The FDA issued a warning about the “presence of new animals drugs and/or unsafe food additives” in imported seafood from China, which included shrimp, in 2015.

Cardboard buns

Vendors in Beijing were discovered to be using cardboard softened with chemicals, which would be mixed with pork fat and used as filling in their buns. Hidden cameras filmed the whole operation; however, the reporter was forced by the Chinese regime to admit he had staged the event himself to cover up the controversy.

Fake news is a way of life for the Chinese regime

At the top of the list of deceit fed to the Chinese people, and to the world outside China, is the lies the regime has spread about Falun Gong.

The Communist Party requires all religions and spiritual practices to follow their Marxist ideology—refusing to do so results in persecution.

Under the direction of the Chinese Communist Party, a mendacious media campaign has sought to discredit the spiritual practice of Falun Gong since 1999, when the regime first began persecuting the group.


State mouthpieces continue to label the practice as a “cult,” and whip up hatred toward this gentle group of people, who follow the teachings of “Truth, Compassion, Tolerance.”

Chinese propaganda is aimed at framing Falun Gong followers as “mad,” and deserving of being kidnapped from their homes by the police, illegally arrested, tortured, and even killed in jails. Not only does the fake news cause Chinese people to become hostile toward these innocent meditators, but they have no idea what crimes the ruling regime is getting away with in their own backyard.


Chinese are also kept in the dark about forced organ harvesting, which is rampant in hospitals across China. Not only Falun Gong practitioners, but Tibetans, house Christians, and Uighur’s are believed to be kept as an organ pool for this purpose. Whenever a patient requests a particular organ due to his own body failing, victims are murdered for their organs. Their remains are subsequently cremated.

This is one of the most inhumane atrocities ever committed against humans.

According to a 680-page report published in June 2016, between the years 2000 and 2015, investigators have concluded that 60,000–100,000 transplants are carried out by the Chinese regime every year.

Artist’s depiction of forced organ harvesting

If you do your figures, the number of people being murdered for their organs could add up to the millions by the time this campaign is itself abolished.

What the regime didn’t anticipate was that the sheer number of Falun Gong practitioners around the world would stand up for their fellow believers inside China.

As they tell the world, petitioning the governments of many countries, writing articles, and holding candlelight vigils, the public’s perception of Falun Gong has transformed from one of suspicion to one of admiration.

There are very few places on the planet that haven’t heard about what’s happening in communist China today.


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