The choice of books people choose to read reveals a lot about them – and in a similar way, the way one stacks their books on shelves reveals a lot about their personality. If you are someone who has grown up being a bibliophile, then you would have noticed the change in the arrangement of books as you’ve grew up.

1. Stacked up or cluttered shelves

Credit: Pixabay. Stacked up and cluttered bookshelf

Your bookshelf might look messy and clumsy but that does not reflect your real life. The people who have such bookshelves are people who do not ‘judge a book by its cover’. They believe in seeing what a person is from within than their exterior personality. According to Bustle, such people also have a ton of board games that they love to play with close friends on fun nights in.

2. Ornamented

Credit: Pixabay Ornamented bookshelf

Times of India reported that people who fill up their bookshelves with figurines are the ones who are like fascinated children. They are polite people and enjoy spending time with everyone. These people love to share stories and experiences as well. Bustle reports that such people often reminisce about the past, and sometimes wonder if they aren’t living enough in the present, but because of that they have a great memory and tell the best stories.

3. Genre-centric shelf

Credit: Pixabay

People who segregate books into a genre-specific pattern tend to keep their mind compartmentalized into different chambers and keep the issues of life well segregated. They have a little bit of every kind of personality trait in them and they know how to balance them all together.

4. Color-coded shelf

Credit: Pixabay. Color-coded shelf

These people love colors and are creative minds who never compromise on presentation. TOI reported that people who arrange their books in this manner are people who experiment with crafts and explore new opportunities. Even though they speak their mind, there is a space inside them that is very ‘personal and secretive!’

5. Alphabetical arrangement

Credit: Pixabay

These people love to keep things classy. They love anything vintage and are usually problem solvers!

6. Dark And Mysterious

Credit: Pixabay

Bustle reported that people whose bookshelves are filled with dark coloured books are people who most likely love mystery, sci-fi, and horror books. They tend to be mysterious but also love talking to new people and sharing their interests. Not everyone gets them, but the ones that do are their closest friends, and they wouldn’t want it any other way!


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