As Taiwan faces tension with China, Taiwan builds a new relationship with the US with the unveiling of the de facto embassy in Taiwan’s capital.

Credit: Twitter. De facto embassy in Taiwan

Even though Washington had cut ties with Taipei in 1979, it still remained the islands strongest ally. Times of India reported that it opened the American Institute of Taiwan (AIT) to conduct relations between the two sides after severing ties. AIT has remained as a low key military building for decades, is going through a transformation and will serve as the representative office.

“We have faced many trials along this journey, but we have risen to the challenge at every turn, knowing that our shared commitment to democracy would see us through,” said Royce, who is the highest-ranking State Department official to visit Taiwan since 2015 to TOI. Taiwan President said that this reaffirmation from both sides will play an important relationship between the two countries.

The ceremony was attended by scores of high-ranking Taiwan officials as well as senior business executives, including Morris Chang, the former chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC), the world’s biggest contract chipmaker reported TOI.

Since the 2016 election, China has been hostile with Taiwan. Taiwan recently lost two diplomatic allies after they switched ties to China. China also has sent bombers and jet fighters as exercises near the island that Taipei has denounced as intimidation. Taiwan has also asked Washington to sell more advanced equipment to them for defence purposes.

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