Old Yamuna rail bridge, also known as Loha Pul will be demolished to make way for a double-line rail bridge by March next year. The 800-meter-long new double-line rail bridge being built at an estimated cost of Rs 200 crore.

Credit: Instagram. Loha Pul, one of the oldest bridges in Delhi

Though the more-than-a-century-old Yamuna bridge would be discarded and replaced by a new one along the existing site, the road bridge which is part of the old bridge will continue to be in use and its maintenance will now be handed over to the Delhi government by Northern Railway reported IndiaToday. The old bridge gets affected during floods as train movement slows down and if the Yamuna water level touches the danger mark then the traffic is barred on the bridge. The new bridge will have no speed limit and will not be affected by any bad weather conditions.

Another bridge is set to come up near the existing Nizamuddin rail bridge to ensure faster and seamless movement of about 150 outbound and inbound passenger and freight services. The proposed 600-meter bridge near the existing Nizamuddin rail bridge, to be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 425 crore, will provide an additional path for Delhi-bound services and ensure that trains negotiate the bridge at above 100 km per hour IndiaToday reported. The construction of this new bridge along the Nizamuddin bridge is expected to claim about 2,000 kikar trees on the dry riverbed.

Credit: Facebook. Construction works underway for the third phase of metro rail near Nizamuddin Bridge in New Delhi on Tuesday.

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