Exams to anyone is always terrifying. As you move on to the next level every year the pressure increases, but not to this girl from Telangana who takes studies as an enjoyable activity. She has successfully completed her engineering at the age of 16. 

Credit: Twitter . Kasibhatta Samhitha

Kasibhatta Samhitha, 16, wrote her finals paper in Bachelors of engineering (in electrical and electronics) five years ahead of students her age. She has now earned the title of Telangana’s youngest woman engineer. She told Times of India, “I concentrated on fun and concept-based learning, rather than rote learning. I didn’t spend long hours studying as I maintained a balance between academics and co-curricular activities”.

She secured a seat in Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT) for her four-year professional course after her parents took her case to the Telangana government in 2014. Seeing her potential and talent she was exempted from taking the mandatory engineering, agriculture and medical common entrance test (Eamcet). “Right from age three, we saw the spark in her. She memorized every poem and identified flags/capitals of 200 countries with absolute ease,” said L N Kasibhatta, proud father of Samhitha, to TOI.

She cleared a job interview during her campus selection with an agro-based company, but her age was a barrier. Samhitha wants to continue her education and pursue her Mtech.

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