Street food is popular all around the world and India is one country that is known for its variety of scrumptious, cheap, and easily available delights. If you love street food then Kolkata is the best destination as per a latest global research ‘Taste of Travel’. The ‘city of joy’ has pipped Mumbai, New Delhi, Amritsar, and Ahmedabad to be the best street-food hub in India. 

According to a report from TOI, findings by suggest that 67 per cent of Indian travellers pick their destination based on the cuisine and food experiences that the place offers. With a stunning number of food stalls across its quirky localities, it is no surprise that Kolkata has topped the list. Here are some of the tasty treats you should try out if you’re in the city of joy:

1. Kathi Rolls


 2. Telebhaja

Credit: WhatsHOT

3. Luchi Aloo

Credit: The Better India

4. Jhal Muri

Credit: Su’s Recipes

5. Phuchka

Credit: Yummmy Tummy

6. Fish Fry


7. Ghugni

Credit: spiceaffairs

8. Chinese and Tibetan food at Tiretti Bazaar

Credit: WhatsHOT


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