Ashleigh Miller Cross is the proud mother of a baby girl who is only 10-months-old. One day, she went out shopping for groceries at her local supermarket.


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However, a short time later something just didn’t feel right…

The young mom made her way to the store’s bathroom when she didn’t feel well. The next thing Ashleigh knew, she was in a bathroom stall and in an incredible amount of pain.

She had no idea though what was the cause of her suffering.

When an assistant store manager at the Atlantic Superstore in Bayres Lake came out of his office during the lunch hour, he heard Ashleigh screaming. Malcolm Comeau rushed to the bathroom door and threw it open to see what on earth was going on.

Malcolm was completely shocked to discover the source of Ashleigh’s pain. So was Ashleigh. She was in labor – although she didn’t even know she was pregnant. A co-worker who had arrived for her shift stopped by the bathroom to help, too.

The assistant manager recalls:

“The baby (had) already proceeded to come, so I grabbed my phone right away, called 911 … We have a [medical] clinic right here at the store, so I went over there to get the doctor, as well, while I was on the phone with 911. The doctor came over and one of our cashiers helped her finish delivering her baby.”

Emergency responders arrived and transported Ashleigh and her baby, an eight-pound boy she later named Ezra, to the hospital. Malcolm said Ashleigh was all smiles even though she had no clue that there was a baby on its way. Ashleigh said her slow recovery from her pregnancy with Mia apparently masked this current pregnancy.

“I really had no idea. I presumed I hadn’t lost any weight because I only had Mia 10 months ago, so I mean I didn’t grow any extra, so it’s just the same size. I didn’t have any cravings.”

Malcolm reported that in his 32 years of working at the store, he’s never heard of a woman giving birth there. He did say a couple of people have been married there, though.

It was a blessing that everyone surrounding Ashleigh was extremely helpful in the situation. However, Malcolm stood out that day as the new mom’s angel.

He said:

“She did tell me out of everything that went on, my face is the only face she recognizes out of everybody else that was there. So I guess I made an impression – like she made on me.”

Here’s more about this baffling and blessed birth of a bouncing baby boy.

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