This boy will probably never get suspended from school again after his mother sold his services for free to the community for three days.

Demetris Payne from Shreveport, Louisiana, knew exactly what to do when her 13-year-old son, Jadarien, was suspended from school for talking back to his teacher.

©Facebook | Demetris Payne

Firstly, she took away his cellphone and video games, then reported the suspension on the South Bossier Online Yard Sale Facebook page, accompanied by a quirky, yet genius message, which received more responses than she expected.

“My son has been suspended for three days from school for discipline.

“He will do your lawn service, he will rake your yard, mow if you supply the mower, pick up trash, or wash your car for free. Maximum three hours. If anyone has a rake they would like to donate will be awesome.”

“And he will do it all for free,” she added.

©Facebook | Demetris Payne

After posting the services-for-free advertisement, Payne got so many responses that she had to make a schedule to keep track of all the appointments.

©Facebook | Demetris Payne

“He’s booked up for this weekend, so it’ll be next weekend. I got so many requests from buy, sell, and trade that I have to make a schedule,” she wrote.

“Instead of two yards a day, he is going to be out there until dark doing it.” After the boy commenced community service, Payne provided updates on her son’s progress by sharing a video of her son mowing a lawn, followed by some more pictures.

“First yard complete,” she wrote with a couple of emojis. “He thought I was playing.”

©Facebook | Demetris Payne

“He’s mowing his second yard,” she said in the video. “Keep pushing, you got it. You’re doing good.”

Payne accompanied her son whilst he was working, and kept encouraging him for doing a good job. He ended up doing eight homes.

©Facebook | Demetris Payne

After finishing his bit for the community, mom sent him to the library to read and complete homework.

“We explained to him that these chores weren’t to punish, punish, punish, but to teach him a lesson and teach him about discipline,” Payne explained. “No matter if the teacher is right or wrong—always respect your teachers, respect adults.”

At last, she posted a picture of her son back to school on Tuesday. Many of his teachers and classmates had seen what he had been up to for the past three days on Facebook.

©Facebook | Demetris Payne

“Look who’s back at school. Meeting with all his teachers and set up a plan so we can make sure he stays on track,” wrote Payne.

The mom has been praised by internet users for her strict discipline on educating children.

“This is awesome! Keep up the good work, mom. He has to learn that their [sic] is consequence for his actions!” one commented.

Another wrote: “WE NEED MORE MOMMAS LIKE YOU!!! I love this and love more that you were willing to take time from your days to be beside him as he did the yard work!”

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