Upon arriving to work early last Friday morning, a staff member at DeKalb County Animal Services, in Georgia, found a young homeless man curled up asleep outside the front door. But, as was soon discovered, the mysterious man hadn’t chosen the spot merely as a safe refuge during the night.


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Turns out, the man had lost his best friend in the world — and he was desperate to get her back. He didn’t have a penny to his name, but getting his dog back was all that mattered to him.
When they woke him up they learned that he had spent the last of his money to take the bus over to them after his dog had gone missing. He was waiting for them to open to see if they had found her.

It turns out that they had. The shelter had picked up a stray two weeks earlier and taken it to their new facility on the other side of town. That’s when the kennel technician did an act of kindness that is going viral.

The shelter worker paid for his train ticket so he could get to the other location and reunite with his dog, Tata. Their reunion was captured on camera and the shelter wrote, “We see some amazing reunions here at LifeLine’s DeKalb Animal Services, but this one was extra special.”
It was obvious from seeing them reunite.

“Some people don’t understand giving a pet back to a homeless person, but some of those people take better care of their pets than some of us with homes,” Hirsch said. “If you see a homeless person with a pet, and are hesitant to give them money, you can give them dog food, or even flea medicine. They also need bottles of water. Just basic supplies that humans and dogs can use. Their pet is sometimes the only thing they have in their lives.”

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