Sikh volunteers from Khalsa Aid, a UK-based Sikh NGO, gives the best present for Eid-ul-Fitr to Syrian Refugees by giving Iftar meals and Eid gifts.

Credit: Facebook. Khalsa Aid distributing food to Syrian refugees.

A report from BetterIndia stated that Khalsa Aid volunteers travelled to Lebanon and Iraq to make Eid-l-Fitr more meaningful for the 5,000 Syrian refugees. Along with a local Lebanese charity called Sawa for Development and Aid, both the NGO’s together prepared freshly cooked meals for the refugees in the ‘Ramzan kitchen’. The Khalsa Aid also gave gifts in the form of clothes and shoes to 500 children in Mosul, Iraq.

Credit: Twitter. Khalsa Aid distributed shoes and clothes to Syrian refugee children

In a Facebook post, the organization wrote, “These children were forced to leave their homes when war broke out in Mosul in 2014. The city has been left devastated. These clothes will be the only gifts many of these children will receive this Eid while suffering difficult conditions of a refugee camp.”

The humanitarian group had received severe backlash from a few groups when the organization reached out to the aid of Rohingya refugees. But they ‘stood undeterred’! The Khalsa Aid volunteers prove that it is important for the world to stand together for the refugees, no matter what others may feel or think about them reported BetterIndia.

These men went beyond religion and became humanitarians and brought smiles to those who were battling hunger. They became an inspiration to all to go out and make our fellow humans feel better in any way we can.


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