Marshneil Sinhaonor’s life seemed like it was on a downward spiral after she learnt that a life-threatening kidney condition had got the best of her. For five years the IT professional in her thirties had been struggling to find a kidney donor but then she miraculously found a saviour at an unlikely place!

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Suffering from the condition for five years, Marshnneil’s parents couldn’t help her as they had their own health problems to tend to. Her soon to be married sister too couldn’t donate. That’s when Diti Lahiri, 40, stepped in.

Diti was Marshneil’s senior colleague and upon hearing about her ordeals decided to help by donating her kidney. “I made up my mind to donate one of my kidneys because my mother has been living a healthy life on one kidney for years now. She is more active than most of us. I am single and that perhaps made it easier for me. My parents were surprised initially, but finally got around to support me…” Diti told The Times of India.

Last few days of been an emotional roller coaster with anxiety worry happiness pride joy, all at the same time… as my…

Posted by Ena Sarkar on Saturday, September 8, 2018

Bengal is the only state in India that allows non-relatives of the patient to donate kidney however that can happen only after the intent of the donor is established.

Both Diti and Marshneil had to go through 9 months of administrative processes that included affidavits that Lahiri was doing it out of her will and no monetary transaction was involved.

After receiving the no objection certificate, the transplant took place on Sept. 3.

Indeed, she is a selfless soul.


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