Most of our animals nowadays have become endangered because of humans greed, who never hesitate to hunt them down for big amounts of money or to be eaten as exotic food. One such endangered species is the Pangolin. A group of men are trying to propagate awareness to the people and saving them from danger.

Pangolins are the only mammal with hard plate-like scales, which is their best defense against danger. There are eight species of pangolins found in Asia and Africa, and they all are nocturnal and shy.

They hide for most of the day in burrows and hollow trees. But when Pangolins sense danger, they simply roll up into a ball so tight that not even a tiger, leopard and lion’s teeth can penetrate it.

Today they are one of the most trafficked mammal in the world!

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One million Pangolins hunted every year for their scales, meat, and blood.

Pangolins’ scales are made of keratin, a protein that is very useful for hair and nails. It is also used as an ingredient for traditional medicines in Asia which is being sold for at least $450. It’s meat is a prized delicacy at banquets too.

Most of the pangolins found in Asia are little by little diminishing because of poachers hunting them down and selling them. It is believed that poachers have gone as far as Africa, in order to get the much coveted pangolin to meet the demand.

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A group of men from the Tikki Hywood Trust in Zimbabwe have come up with a one-on-one care program to protect these mammals. The volunteers are given one pangolin each to care for where they spend 24 hours a day to help restore them to good health and walking them around so they can scavenge for food normally.

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There are plenty of ways to help preserve the pangolin species. Photographer Adrian Steirn traveled all the way to Zimbabwe to capture the complete commitment of these men to bring awareness to other people regarding the endangered mammal.

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Volunteers are assigned with one pangolin each to care for.

There are a lot of ways to help the pangolin from being endangered but without legislation, very strict rules, and punishment—awareness will be for naught. We must stand up for what we believe is right and fight to correct the wrong.

It is the right time to protect this unique wildlife before it becomes extinct!

Watch to learn how you can help!

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