In this generation of foodies, women aren’t usually looked as being able to eat a lot of food. Although we all have that one friend that can eat all day long and how many ever calories they want and still manage to look amazing! Imagine eating fries, ice cream, pizzas and all the other carbs you can think of over the course of one day and not feel full. Now imagine eating a huge, extremely huge burger in minutes? Wait! Now, a side dish to the mix!

Credit: Pixabay

This burger was no joke, as it was a 550-ounce burger and not to mention fries were part of the eating contest. It is generally said women can’t eat but this woman not only proves us wrong but shows no mercy and “destroys” the burger. We can’t imagine eating that much, let alone doing it in record time!

We could explain the video or you could just watch how she won the contest hands down. We don’t know about you, but a burger eating contest is not on the top of our list but, watch this woman not give the other contestants a chance to catch up. She must really, really like burgers!


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