It is not every day you hear about a kid falling from a bridge and losing their life, and this incident that took place in a remote village in Uttar Pradesh in India left many people shocked. However, one man decided he would not let this incident happen again and decided to do something about it. 

Santu Prasad, a resident of the Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh, was deeply disturbed when he found out about a young girl who fell off a dilapidated bamboo bridge and drowned to death. Thus, he used over three lakhs from his provident fund after his retirement and took some financial help from the neighbouring villages to build a 70-feet long, strong permanent bridge.

Credit: Pixabay (Representational Image)

For years the bamboo bridge ran over the silent drain passing through a small village in the Kaptanganj Block. People had no choice and risked their lives to cross it so as to avoid taking longer routes.

Moreover, whenever the bridge broke down, the people of the village would repair it themselves. The MPs and the MLAs heard not a single plea that was put forth to them about the bamboo bridge.

Credit: Pixabay (Representational Image)

When the incident of the young girl took place, Santu had retired from his railway job and returned to the village. He then decided to build a permanent bridge to avoid any other accidental deaths. His selfless act got many other villagers to help him with his goal. While someone offered iron, others offered cement, and many others offered money.

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