If you have never noticed this before, fair warning, you’ll never be able to see penguins as just flightless birds anymore. With their black and white cape patterns and their haughty attitude, penguins look like they’re always putting up a performance for an audience! And the more you look at a picture of a penguin you’ll agree it’s quite a performance they’re putting up. Although in reality they walk and behave like  socially awkward individuals, these guys are highly photogenic and you’ll see for yourself soon enough that all of them look like a part of the animated movie Happy Feet!

Each of these guys looks like they belong to an opera or a Broadway show!

These guys are definitely singing acapella


They’re the crazy dancers


Hitting that high pitch!


The finale!

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Tapdancing is my thing


Mine is ballet! I’m the Black Swan


Waiting for junior to start performing


“We’re gonna grow into awesome performers”


The stage is our throne!


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