Paul and Kelly Kahler were absolutely thrilled to learn she was pregnant with twins. One boy and one girl — and Kelly was carrying 17 pounds total.


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In June 2017, Kelly was 39 weeks and one day pregnant when she went into labor. She had been going to a doctor that specialized in twin births and breech births. The couple planned to have a home birth; it was very important to them, and they took all the necessary precautions to ensure a safe water delivery.

Paul captured the emotional experience on camera, from driving to the midwife’s house for a checkup to spending their last moments with their young daughter before she became a big sister. Kelly labored at home, just like she planned. But at the 24-hour mark, everything changed.

Since Kelly was showing little progress and the babies were situated so high up in the womb, the doctor broke her water. Hours passed — and still no babies.

It was time for the Kahler family to drastically change their birth plan.

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