Bhangra, the lively and popular folk dance from Punjab makes you want to hit the dance floor everytime you hear its beats. There are many well-known bhangra artists in India and one group that has been inspiring millions of people worldwide is Harinder Pal Singh’s differently-abled bhangra group.

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It all began in 1989 when a certain bhangra group was short of one member and Harinder from Chandigarh stepped forward to be a part of it. However, he was ridiculed and rejected because of 70 per cent disability in his left leg, due to polio. Spurred by this incident and determined not to sacrifice his dreams because of his physical condition, Harinder decided to form his own bhangra group.


Harinder’s group allows people with various physical disabilities and very soon they began to gain love, respect, and recognition across borders. Harinder’s troupe has performed in many countries including England, Canada, and the US. Harinder’s men have also made it to the Limca Book of Records by becoming India’s first differently-abled folk-dance group.


In 2000, Harinder Pal Singh was honoured with National Youth Award by the Union Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs. Harinder’s extraordinary journey has inspired many people with physical disabilities to step forward and fulfil their dreams.

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