Every country has its own laws, and not all of them can be the same. Sometimes you can find weird laws that are so strange that it seems literally unbelievable that they exist. 

So here are eight strange laws from countries all across the world that are simply weird.

1. Kenya – no plastic bags allowed

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The maximum fine if caught using a plastic bag in Kenya can be $38,000.

2. The United Arab Emirates – No selfies allowed

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Since it is a Muslim country, they have very strong prohibitions. So taking pictures of local people is strictly prohibited. Also, in some beaches, you can’t take pictures of yourself or of your relatives.

3. Malaysia — Don’t wear yellow.

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If you are going to Malaysia, you should consider excluding all the yellow pieces of clothing that you have. The Malaysian government made a law which prohibits wearing yellow T-shirts.

4. Italy — Sand castles are not allowed

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The mayor of Eraclea, a town near Venice, prohibited building sand castles and playing with a ball so that everyone could just enjoy their sunbaths and hear the sounds of the sea.

5. Canada — You can’t whistle

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Whitling in Petrolia, Ontario can get you a fine of 250 Canadian-dollar. This is a way for them to protect themselves from bad noise.

6. Columbia — Don’t use Uber services

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In Colombia, it is prohibited to use the services of non-official taxi drivers including the Uber application.

7. Italy — Don’t wear flip-flops

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Wearing flip-flops or sandals is illegal on the Italian island of Capri. This is because they make too much noise and distract other people.

8. Thailand — Don’t drive a car without clothes on

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No matter how hot it is in Thailand, you can’t wear merely a swimsuit or tank while driving a car. You have to wear a T-shirt or some type of cover.

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