It’s a well-known fact that most of our actions are not conscious decisions but the work of our subconscious self. These small daily habits actually form our routine. You’ll be surprised to know that these unconscious decisions actually reveal a lot about our personality and inner state. One such habit is the way we squeeze our toothpaste.

1. When you squeeze or roll toothpaste from the back to the front

This shows that you are a tidy and frugal person who cares about his/her possessions and the people around you. You are a perfectionist who doesn’t like to waste anything. You are hardworking and do your work very well and thus people can actually rely on you. You are organised too.

2. You squeeze your toothpaste from the middle

You are a realistic and active person who usually is in a bit of a rush. You are tidy and really organized and love solving problems. On the other hand, you are also someone who is social and has a lot of friends.  You balance your life and are an emotionally stable person.

3. You squeeze the toothpaste from the top

To achieve your goals you are willing to go to any lengths. You are self-centred and love yourself.

4. When you keep your toothpaste intact

You love being alone, you’re a dreamer and you have a taste for art. Sometimes you are lost inside your head. You are sensitive, gentle, easygoing, considerate, and tolerant. Apart from this, you are straightforward and generous. You always share your thoughts and ideas with others.

5. You squeeze the toothpaste from anywhere.

You are completely artistic and creative. You have a keen eye on seeing the world in a different light. Beauty for you is everywhere. It can be difficult for you to be tidy and punctual all the time. It’s hard for you to plan things and accomplish them. But on the other side, you are very optimistic and open-minded. You end up getting frequent mood swings.


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