A father and a child always share an inseparable bond that purely depicts the love and compassion, they have for each other. This is no different when it comes to Bollywood superstars who with a busy schedule find time to spend with their lovely munchkins. Shah Rukh Khan recently shared an important message on parenthood and it has been making its rounds on the internet.

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King Khan took it to his social media handle and lent some parental guidance to his fans and followers. Shah Rukh’s thoughts received a lot of love from his fans. The post got over two thousand retweet and nine thousand likes. The thought itself shows us how good of a parent he is and how he wants to influence other young parents with his words of wisdom.

He captioned it “Sunday afternoon…for no apparent reason…feel like being a Parent Philosopher. This is to Thank the kids not to give advice to parents…”

Take a look:

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