Couples are tested and tried throughout their life with different challenges and life’s struggles. But for this cute couple, “for better or for worse,” the trials began as soon as they were on their way to their wedding reception. 

Maria Leonardi, 31, and Justin Stone, 30, just got married at the West Avon Congregational church in Avon, Connecticut. They were joined by their parents, family, friends, and guests. Everyone was so happy because the occasion was a very special one.

After all the picture taking at the church, it was time to go to the reception which was being held at Leonardi’s parents backyard. All the guests including the couple were in the trolley bus that they had prepared to take the guests to the reception. As they were about to leave, a very scary thing happened. The bus caught on fire!

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Everybody rushed out of the trolley bus including the driver. As this was all going on, someone called the Avon fire department.

“On arrival, crews found a trolley bus with an engine compartment fire. It was knocked down by a fire extinguisher the bus driver had,” a statement from the fire department read.

The firemen found out that the people in the bus were on their way to the wedding reception. They found the couple and offered to give them a ride. The couple grabbed the opportunity so they can start celebrating their first day as a married couple at their wedding reception.

©Avondale Volunteer Fire Department

“One of the firemen came around and asked us, ‘Do you want a ride to the reception in the fire truck? We’re sorry that we can’t take the whole party, but we can take the two of you,'” Stone told ABC News. “We both jumped at that opportunity.”

The couple were so thankful to the fire men for saving their day. It was a very memorable moment for them. “I thought it was the best thing ever and they were so incredibly nice,” the bride gushed. “They were just so gracious and wonderful.”

©AP/Ken Sedlak

“I’m very proud of our volunteer fire department and the men and women who are a part of it,” Chief Michael Trick told ABC News. “We were able to assist and make their memorable day just a little bit more special.”

For now, the couple is living each day as it comes and enjoying whatever life throws at them. Truly the fire tested their mettle as a couple, and they sure passed it with flying colors!

“People think that getting married is this life-changing event, and everything changes, but you’re reaffirming to spend the rest of your life with your best friend,” Leonardi said.

Her groom added, “And that’s more than anything what it’s all about.”

Watch the video below!

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