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When nature decided to turn on its fantasy, these amazing creatures were born

All animals are different and have their own unique personalities, but not all differences are visible to the eye. Some were born with interesting markings, some with vivid colours and there are others who have been given a very unusual appearance by nature. One of the many miracles of nature is its propensity for endless variation and the animals featured below are the proof.  

#1 You don’t get to see a curly horse every day

Credit: Imgur [1]

#2 A rare adult orchid mantis from Malaysia

Credit: Reddit [2]

#3 Albino reindeer

Credit: Imgur [3]

#4 This dog has a star on his chest

Credit: Reddit [4]

#5 Mexican mole lizard

Credit: Reddit [5]

#6 Robins have tiny feathers around their eyes

Credit: Reddit [6]

#7 Wow! This bunny has incredibly long ears

Credit: Reddit [7]

#8 A two-faced cat

Credit: Facebook [8]

#9 Duck or Rabbit?

Credit: Reddit [9]

#10 Small yet powerful

Credit: Reddit [10]