This year, most parts of the Indian subcontinent have witnessed a normal monsoon, while there has been some intense rainfall in certain regions. In spite of the rains, there is no sign of the weather cooling down. In fact, according to the NASA, the earth hasn’t experienced this kind of heat in about 120,000 years.

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According to a report from Indiatimes, climate scientists believe the earth is now experiencing unprecedented warm weather, following NASA’s announcement earlier in the year that July 2018 was the warmest month on record since record-keeping began in 1880.

According to a Mashable report, the earth is now experiencing heat waves it hasn’t seen in 120,000 years, dating back to a geological period called the Eemian, where average earth temperature was estimated to be one to two degrees higher than what it is now. Global warming is clearly reaching dangerous levels!

The warm wave on earth is so intense now that it has eclipsed a highly warm period from earth’s history which took place around 7,000 years ago, after the last ice age ended, called the Holocene.

According to Pat Bartlein, a paleoclimatologist, the earth fluctuates between warm and cold weather all the time, and the natural cycle of this phenomenon has been “going on forever.” He further added, “But the key thing is that since industrialization, we’ve been put on a completely different schedule.”

Humans are filling up the earth’s atmosphere with greenhouse gases at an alarming rate, leading to a rise in temperatures all over the world. If we don’t act fast to reverse this trend, we will end up facing consequences that are far more dangerous in the future.


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