On the night of August 15th, Independence Day, the staff at Mumbai’s Byculla zoo were overjoyed as they witnessed the first Humboldt penguin being born in India. Around 8.02 p.m., they saw via CCTV, the sight they had anticipated for 40 days.

According to a report from The Hindu, zoo authorities saw cracks on the egg on the same day, after 7 p.m. The ‘freedom baby’ as someone put it, made a shrieking sound as it hatched out and then remained with the parents. Dr. Madhumita Kale, the head veterinarian said that they were able to inspect it only in the morning.

Eight penguins – Donald, Daisy, Olive, Popeye, Flipper, Bubble, Molt and Dory – were brought from Seoul, South Korea, to the zoo. Dory died a few months later in Oct. 2016 from bacterial infection. On Jul. 5 this year, a single egg was laid by penguin Flipper. She and Mr. Molt have been a couple for a long time. The penguin baby will be closely monitored for three months after which it can take care of itself.



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