Imagine one mega-family, with 20 children living under one roof, and the doting mother plus grandmother enjoying the hustle and bustle of her precious big bundle of joy. This is the story of one such amazing couple, who just loves to add more to their massive brood.

Christi Cason, 46, and her husband Dave Cason from Lake Elsinore, California, are the proud parents of 18 children, and grandparents of their eldest daughter’s two children.

Although raising such a massive brood can be a handful, Mr. Cason, a telecom engineer, said he was moved to tears every time a new baby life comes to his home. Mr. Cason recalled when their 17th child, Vaughn, was born, he was still overwhelmed.

“It’s an amazing experience—I cry every time,” said Mr. Cason, reported Daily Mail.

Life for such a huge family is not easy with the father’s $80,000-per-year income, and managing so many children from newborn to age 25 is challenging for the housewife mother.

Mrs. Cason has to carefully plan each week’s grocery shopping. The family used to consume 14 gallons of milk, three-dozen eggs, 17.5 pounds of hamburger meat, and 7 pounds of chicken per week before Vaughn was born.

“When our budget is really tight like it is, it comes down to the important things. You pay the bills, car payments, you make sure your husband has gas money to get to work, and you have food,” Mrs. Cason told Huffpost.

In addition to feeding all these mouths, Mrs. Cason needs to keep on top of household chores, children’s schooling, and school trips for nine of her children who actually study in four different schools!

With all the difficulties, however, Mrs. Cason has mastered the accounting of stretching her husband’s “meager” income—comparing to the population of this household.

Despite their life being described as “organised chaos”, the couple are content with such a large family.

When her 17th baby was born in 2013, Mrs. Cason still wanted to have twins to complete a family of 20 children, including her eldest daughter’s child.

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The dream of having 20 children under a roof came true in 2015, though, it was not with a twin born by Mrs. Cason alone, but with her eldest daughter’s second baby born in the same year.

It’s not easy to get such a huge family to run smoothly, but the couple has indeed created a miracle with this grand happy family—the credit goes to all their amazing efforts.

When you are passionate about something, then trying to achieve that is a pure joy, even when others think that it’s impossible.

You are bound to excel at these challenging aspects of life if you’re willing to face and overcome them.

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