In March 2017, Danielle Thrasher and her partner, Joseph, learned they were expecting a child. After two long and emotional years of trying, they finally got their wish.


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Six weeks into the pregnancy, Danielle learned she was actually expecting twins. They were pleasantly surprised but not entirely shocked. Danielle and Joseph both had twins in their families, including Danielle’s brothers.

One week later, the doctor asked to see Danielle again for another checkup. But after going through the ultrasound again, Danielle and Joseph were even more surprised to learn she was actually pregnant… with triplets!

“We were in shock and excited all at once,” Danielle said. “How were we ever going to be able to raise three precious babies God has blessed us with?

“After a couple of weeks of praying and praying, we were finally able to feel confident and ready to tackle this amazing journey God had started for us. The doctor told us to keep the triplets quiet for now to make sure things worked out OK. We followed the doctor’s orders and just announced that we were expecting. Everything seemed to be going well.”

Meanwhile, her belly was growing bigger by the day.

At Danielle’s three-month doctor’s visit, she went through the same routine ultrasound. But this time, the ultrasound technician looked more confused than ever.

Concerned, Danielle asked her what was wrong.

“I hate to tell you this, but…”

Experts say the chance of what actually ended up happening is between 1 in 500,000 and 1 in 700,000.

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