Moles are much more than a unique identification sign on your I.D. cards! These dark dots have a lot more to say than you think. Believe it or not, our ancestors could reveal a lot about a person and their future just by ‘reading’ their moles. Curious? This is what the moles of your body say about your personality! 

Mole on forehead

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A mole, anywhere on the forehead, is an indication of indecisiveness. The darker the shade the harder it is for the person to make decisions. However, for men, a red mole might indicate high temperament.

Mole on nose

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If the mole is on the nose or near it, the person will be wealthy in life. However, the prosperity will only reach them post the 30s. They will also travel a lot in their life.

Moles on the head

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People with a mole on the top of the head excel in politics. They have good leadership qualities and attain a higher social status in most walks of life. However, it is visible only when you shave your hair.

Moles on the edge of brows

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A career in sports is a good option for people with a mole near their brows as they will perform well in it. Also, they are exceptionally well at managing and leading teams.

Mole on the ears

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A mole anywhere on the ear is indicative of a luxurious life. If the mole is at the tip of the ear, it points towards a person with higher intelligence. However, a mole on the back side of the ear means that the person follows traditions and customs.

Mole on the tongue

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A mole on the tip or outer edge of the tongue indicates a more diplomatic personality. Such people can convince others just by talking. They are intelligent and love food!

Mole on the shoulder

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A mole anywhere on the shoulder is indicative of a practical person. They are sensible in nature and usually have a large social circle.

Mole on arms and armpits

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A mole on the armpits means that the person is cautious in nature. However, having a mole anywhere on the arms, be it the forearms, wrist etc indicates a calm and polite person.

Mole on the back

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A mole on the upper half of the back represents a responsible person and good decision-making skills. A mole on the lower half represents creativity and trustworthiness.

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