Age is just a number, false, it is actually just a word. India’s oldest female athlete Man Kaur has proven this fact with her never give up attitude. This 102-year young athlete has defied all stereotypes by winning a gold medal at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Malaga, Spain.

Credit: Twitter

Hailing from Patiala, Punjab, Man Kaur won the 200m race in the age group of 100 to 104. According to Indian Express, Kaur started her career at the age of 93. She was motivated and encouraged by her son Guru Dev, who is 78 years old, and has participated in the World master game which is considered as an Olympics for senior citizens

A video shared by History TV18, shows her son explaining how Kaur has no health problems and also has really strong knees. He further adds, “When she ran for the first time, she completed a 100 metres track in one minute and on second.”

In the same interview, Kaur explains that she first started with 100m, now is able to compete in 200m and other competitions too. Her unbelievable records will really make you believe that anything is possible.  She has also won over 20 medals in America Masters game and World Masters games.

Kaur’s win in World Masters Athletics Championships has garnered her a lot of praise from across the nation. From actors to athletes everyone has praised her for the win.

Milind Soman himself took to Twitter to share this high-spirited lady’s win!

This is not the first time she has won a medal. Last year, Kaur won 100m gold at the World Masters Games. in Auckland, New Zealand.

Kaur in the interview with History TV18, shared that the most important thing is that one should do the thing that brings joy to you. And for her, she gets the joy in running. Her strong willpower and determination truly stands as an inspiration to all the youngsters in the country.


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