After a young girl urgently called the man next door to follow her into her house, the man was suddenly up against a father trying to murder his own babies. In defense of the helpless babies, this man shot dead the murderous maniac, and has since been hailed a hero. The district attorney later announced that no charges will be made, as the shooting was a “justifiable use of deadly force under Oklahoma Law.”

Cash Freeman was at home in Ada, Oklahoma, when his young neighbor, a 12-year-old girl, rushed over to his house for help, News Channel4 reported. He grabbed his revolver and followed the girl home to find a man by the name of Leland Foster trying to drown his three-month-old twins in a bathtub while holding his wife back at knifepoint. Freeman fired two shots at Foster’s back with his gun, killing him.

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Freeman, pictured above, said that after seeing the horrifying scene, he did what he could to save the twins but was concerned that he might be in trouble.

On Freeman’s actions, Jacqui Ford, a defense attorney with experience in self-defense law, said, “A reasonable person has the right to use deadly force in the defense of others, if that person’s belief is reasonable that that person is in imminent danger of great bodily harm or death. Sometimes, people must be stopped and, sometimes, homicide is the only way to stop them.”

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Police questioned and released Freeman. However, the district attorney had to investigate if it was a justified homicide.

The public supported Freeman’s actions. One of them, Kathy Hart, said, “They better not file charges on that guy. Because, he protected two innocent babies that couldn’t protect themselves. How can he be guilty of anything? He’s a hero. He should not be in trouble.”

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A month later, the case was closed and the Pontotoc County District Attorney announced that the shooting was a “justifiable use of deadly force under Oklahoma Law.”

The investigative report also stated that the babies’ mother attributed Freeman for saving them: “The neighbor saved their life and that she was glad that he did or they would have all been dead… Leland was going to drown the babies and the knife was meant for her.”

The twins were taken to hospital and have since recovered.

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